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2420 Archeology Climate Evidence 210BC Historical, ice core, tree ring evidence for at least two volcanic eruptions between 212 and 200
2509 Environment Unusual Weather 243BC Severe cold in Babylon
2512 Geology Earthquake 544BC Earthquake predicted by Pherecydes of Syros
2516 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 714BC Oct. 24 Lunar eclipse, Sargon II of Assyria
2525 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 747BC Feb. 6 Lunar eclipse
2544 Archeology Comet/Asteroid Evidence 147BC Aug. Comet shone brightly as fiery, reddish circle; persistently red sky; observed from Babylon to Rome
2607 Celestial Solar Eclipse 763BC Jun. 15 Solar eclipse, key to ancient chronology
2608 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 721BC Mar. 19 Lunar eclipse
2609 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 719BC Mar. 8 Lunar eclipse
2610 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 610BC Sep. 15 Lunar eclipse
2615 Celestial Solar Eclipse 669BC May 17 Solar eclipse observed by Babylonians
2618 Celestial Solar Eclipse 657BC Apr. 15 Solar eclipse Assyrian astrological reports
2619 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 620BC Apr. 21 Lunar eclipse recorded by Babylonians, analyzed by Ptolemy
2627 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 567BC Mar. 12 Sky glowing red in the West observed from Babylon
2632 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 523BC Jul. 16 Lunar eclipse 7th year of Cambyses analyzed by Ptolemy
2633 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 502BC Nov. 19 Lunar eclipse 20th year of Darius, analyzed by Ptolemy
2636 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 491BC Apr. 25 Lunar eclipse, 31st year of Darius, Ptolemy
2637 Geology Other 490BC Earthquake at Delos, said to be first by Herodotus
2638 Celestial Tunguska-like event 490BC Sep. 12 Battle of Marathon Divine Intervention
2640 Celestial Solar Eclipse 480BC Oct. 2 Solar eclipse recorded by Herodotus
2641 Celestial Tunguska-like event 480BC Mar. Thunder and fiery winds, many in Persian army perish
2642 Environment Unusual Weather 480BC Aug. 13 Battle of Artemisium: 1/3 of Persian fleet destroyed by 3 day storm
2643 Celestial Tunguska-like event 480BC Aug. Thunderbolts and rocks fall from mountain peaks on Persian troops
2644 Geology Earthquake 480BC Sep. 20 Earthquake on the day of the Battle of Salamis
2645 Celestial Tunguska-like event 480BC Sep. Roaring sound in sky, great flame of light and dust cloud
2646 Geology Tsunami 479BC Mar. 29 Tsunami drowns Persian army ending siege of Potidea, model for Exodus story
2647 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 479BC Aug. Battle of Plataea: apparition of Athena
2648 Celestial Solar Eclipse 648BC Apr. 6 Earliest solar eclipse to be chronicled by the Greeks
2649 Celestial Solar Eclipse 463BC Apr. 30 Solar eclipse observed by Pindar
2652 Celestial Solar Eclipse 431BC Aug. 31 Solar eclipse explained by Pericles thereby dispelling fear of the Athenians
2653 Geology Earthquake 431BC Earthquake at Delos warning of the beginning of the Peloponnesian War
2655 Society Mass Death 426BC (Win.) Plague of Athens 3rd outbreak
2657 Geology Volcanic Eruption 425BC (Spr.) Eruption of Mount Etna
2658 Geology Volcanic Eruption 479BC Eruption of Mount Etna
2660 Geology Earthquake 424BC Mar. 31 Earthquake within 10 days of solar eclipse
2661 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 425BC Oct. 9 Lunar eclipse recorded by Aristophanes
2663 Geology Earthquake 420BC (Sum.) Earthquake felt at Athens and Corinth while Alcibiades ranting against Spartans
2664 Geology Earthquake 414BC (Spr.) Spartan military expedition against Argos abandoned due to earthquake
2665 Geology Earthquake 413BC (Win.) Earthquake in Sparta
2669 Environment Unusual Weather 415BC (Aut.) Athens launches attack on Syracuse during terrible storm
2670 Environment Unusual Weather 413BC Sep. 13 Escaping Athenians caught in torrential rain and massacred; End of the Sicilian Expedition
2673 Environment Unusual Weather 404BC (Win.) Heavy snowstorm associated with the Battle of Phyle
2674 Geology Earthquake 400BC Earthquake - divine displeasure - halts invasion of Elis
2675 Celestial Solar Eclipse 400BC Jun. 21 Solar eclipse recorded by Ennius, reported by Cicero
2677 Geology Volcanic Eruption 396BC Eruption of Mount Etna during war between Carthaginians and Syracuse
2678 Celestial Solar Eclipse 394BC Aug. 14 Solar eclipse, Spartan defeat at the Battle of Cnidus
2679 Geology Earthquake 388BC Earthquake at Argos deters invasion
2680 Geology Tsunami 373BC (Win.) Sea rose to a vast height, a wave towering even higher drowned all the inhabitants and washed away the city of HelicĂȘ
2685 Society Mass Death 379BC Violent plague killed many Carthiginians
2688 Celestial Solar Eclipse 369BC Apr. 11 Solar eclipse in 35th year of Artaxerxes II, observed in Babylon
2689 Environment Plasma Event 368BC Lightening and thunder from a clear sky at beginning of battle between Spartans, Arcadians and Argives
2696 Geology Earthquake 354BC Phocian generals attempt to loot the temple at Delphi, earthquake occurs, terrifying everyone
2699 Environment Hail 341BC Battle of the Crimisus
2700 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 331BC Oct. 1 Fireballs, portents decide fate of Persian Empire at Battle of Gaugamela
2701 Geology Earthquake 360BC Earthquakes Heraclea Pontica and Orphyneum
2706 Geology Earthquake 656BC Mar. Earthquake recorded by Assyrians
2707 Environment Animal Prodigies 332BC (Spr.) During siege of Tyre sea monster tossed up by large wave
2708 Geology Tsunami 325BC Nov. Tsunami destroys much of Alexander's fleet in India
2709 Environment Unusual Weather 316BC Great rainstorm and hail floods Rhodes, city walls collapse, 500 killed
2716 Geology Earthquake 303BC Earthquakes in Ionia recorded on Parian marble, Greece
2717 Celestial Solar Eclipse 256BC Sep. 16 Solar eclipse observed by Babylonians
2718 Celestial Solar Eclipse 254BC Jan. 31 Solar eclipse observed by Babylonians
2719 Geology Earthquake 252BC Feb. 19 Earthquake followed by hailstorm in Babylon
2720 Celestial Solar Eclipse 249BC May 4 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2723 Celestial Falling Fire 248BC Jan. Fall of fire outside of Babylonian territory observed from Babylon
2725 Celestial Solar Eclipse 242BC Jun. 15 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2726 Celestial Solar Eclipse 241BC Nov. 28 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2728 Environment Insect Infestation 238BC Attack of locusts in Babylon
2729 Celestial Fire in the sky 233BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2730 Environment Unusual Weather 233BC Nov. Heavy rain, flooding, severe cold in Babylon
2731 Environment Insect Infestation 227BC May Attack of locusts in Babylon
2735 Celestial Falling Fire 211BC Jun. Meteor shower observed in Babylon; meteor impact in China
2736 Celestial Solar Eclipse 203BC May 6 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2739 Celestial Falling Fire 198BC Meteor falling to ground in Babylon
2745 Celestial Falling Fire 176BC Falling fire observed in Babylon
2747 Geology Earthquake 171BC Earthquake in Babylon
2748 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 169BC Jul. 20 Bright meteor/fireball observed in Babylon
2750 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 166BC Aug. A torch crossed the sky; fireball observed from Babylon to Rome
2751 Celestial Halo 165BC Oct. Sun surrounded by two halos observed from Babylon
2757 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 150BC Jul. 2 Lunar eclipse
2758 Society Mass sickness 144BC Pestilence in Babylon
2759 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 141BC Mar. Bright meteor with a tail observed by Babylonians
2760 Environment Animal Mass Death 137BC Mass death of cattle in Babylon; unspecified cause but associated with comet observations
2761 Celestial Solar Eclipse 136BC Apr. 15 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2765 Celestial Solar Eclipse 133BC Feb. 13 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2766 Environment Unusual Weather 133BC Hailstones as large as plums fall in Babylon; much lightning and thunder; associated with solar eclipse
2769 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 131BC Hail of small stones falls in Babylon
2773 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 125BC Exploding fireball observed in Babylon
2774 Environment Unusual Weather 125BC Nov. Snow in Babylon; severe cold
2775 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 125BC Sun and moon haloes
2776 Environment Insect Infestation 124BC May Locusts, large and numerous
2778 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 123BC Bright meteor flashed from west to east
2782 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 120BC Jun. 1 A quaking from the sky during comet passage reported by Babylonians
2783 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 119BC White torch flashed from East to West observed in Babylon
2784 Celestial Solar Eclipse 112BC Jun. 18 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2785 Environment Animal Mass Death 112BC Cattle pestilence in Babylon
2786 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 112BC Euphrates river turns red
2787 Celestial Halo 110BC Double halo around the sun observed in Babylon
2790 Society Mass sickness 108BC Pestilence in Babylon affected humans and dogs
2791 Celestial Falling Fire 106BC Feb. 28 Fall of fire observed in Babylon
2792 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 106BC Meteor followed by loud noise in the sky observed in Babylon
2793 Society Mass sickness 106BC Pestilence in Babylon
2796 Geology Earthquake 94BC Jul. Earthquake in Babylon
2797 Society Mass sickness 94BC Jul. Pestilence in Babylon; many deaths
2799 Environment Insect Infestation 91BC Feb. Locusts in late winter in Babylon
2803 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 83BC Sep. Bright meteor observed in Babylon
2811 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 419BC Numerous fireballs over several months, possible overhead meteor explosion; observed in Babylon
2814 Environment Unusual Weather 384BC Multiple tornados in Babylon
2815 Celestial Falling Fire 384BC A "fall of fire" recorded in Babylon
2816 Society Mass Death 383BC Mar. Pestilence in Babylon
2820 Society Famine 374BC Famine so severe people "sold" (ate?) their children in Babylon
2821 Celestial Falling Fire 373BC Jul. A "fall of fire". Meteor shower or fireballs? Observed in Babylon
2822 Celestial Falling Fire 371BC Jul. A "fall of fire" to the ground observed in Babylon
2825 Environment Tornados and Watersprouts 367BC Tornadoes in Babylon
2826 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 367BC Very bright fireball observed in Babylon
2829 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 344BC Feb. Meteor shower, fireballs and meteors
2830 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 333BC Fireball illuminated ground recorded by Babylonians
2833 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 323BC Nov. Fireballs recorded by Babylonians, one like a "torch"
2836 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 309BC Bright meteor with a tail observed by Babylonians
2837 Celestial Falling Fire 307BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2838 Celestial Fire in the sky 300BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2839 Celestial Falling Fire 294BC Very bright meteor with tail, fall of fire observed by Babylonians
2840 Celestial Fire in the sky 292BC May Bright meteor with a tail, lighted up the ground, "let loose its flame", observed by Babylonians
2842 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 285BC Bright meteor, and "fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2843 Environment Insect Infestation 285BC Attack of locusts in Babylon
2846 Society Famine 273BC Famine in Babylon, people sold their children (for food?)
2848 Society Mass sickness 266BC Epidemic with many deaths in Babylon
2852 Society Mass Death 430BC (Sum.) Plague of Athens 1st outbreak
2854 Celestial Solar Eclipse 89BC Sep. 29 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2855 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 327BC Jan. 14 Meteor with a tail observed by Babylonians
2856 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 612BC Nov. 5 Lunar eclipse
2863 Celestial Solar Eclipse 195BC Jun. 6 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2865 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 631BC May 24 Lunar eclipse
2866 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 67BC Jan. 19 Lunar eclipse
2875 Celestial Falling Fire 210BC Jul. Meteor or fireball falls in association with a comet observed in Babylon
2878 Environment Unusual Weather 143BC Heavy snowfall in Syria/Palestine during Maccabean Revolt
2879 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 228BC Severe earthquake in central Greece
2880 Celestial Comet 94BC Comet and eclipse of Posidonius
2881 Society War 612BC Fall of Nineveh, Assyrian Empire collapses
2882 Society War 557BC May 19 Solar eclipse, Cyrus the Great captures Larissa
2885 Society Mass Death 850BC Olympic Games restored to end long period of war and pestilence
2892 Geology Landslide 563AD A landslide causing a tsunami, 8 meters high, wipes out the old city of Geneva
2893 Geology Earthquake 279BC (Win.) Earthquake during Gallic invasion of Greece; thunderbolts and rocks fall from Parnassus
2895 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 88BC (Sum.) Rain of ashes at Athens
2897 Geology Earthquake 226BC Major Rhodes earthquake causes colossus to collapse, three meters uplift
2898 Geology Earthquake 287BC Lysimachia destroyed by earthquake killing many residents
2899 Society Mass Death 396BC (Sum.) Carthaginian plague during war against Sicily
2900 Society War 580BC Battle of the Sagra: Apparition of the Dioscuri
2901 Society Massacre 277BC Gallic army destroyed by furies and ghosts; Battle of Lysimachia
2902 Geology Earthquake 69BC Earthquake in Syria; a hundred and seventy thousand people, and several cities, were destroyed
2903 Geology Volcanic Eruption 198BC Emergence of the island Hiera; the whole sea boiled and blazed
2905 Geology Earthquake 350BC First recorded Persian earthquake; numerous cities, 2000 villages destroyed
2906 Geology Volcanic Eruption 478BC Colonists abandon island of Pithecussae due to volcanic eruptions
2907 Geology Volcanic Eruption 350BC Volcanic eruption, earthquakes and tsunami on the island of Pithecussae
2910 Geology Other 120BC The Cymbrian Flood; Jutland penninsula
2912 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 331BC Sep. 20 Lunar eclipse eleven days before battle of Gaugamela
2914 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 644BC Dec. 24 Fireball observed in Babylon and China; falling stones
2915 Society War 280BC May Pyrrhic War
2916 Geology Volcanic Eruption 226BC Eruption of Methana volcano, Greece
2917 Geology Earthquake 89BC Earthquake at Apamea
2920 Geology Earthquake 680BC Earth quaked for a whole day during Esarhaddon's reign
2923 Geology Tsunami 144BC Soldiers of Tryphon are drowned by a rogue wave; possible undersea landslide
2925 Geology Earthquake 31BC Sep. Earthquake kills ten to thirty thousand men and brings destruction upon cattle
2929 Society People 333BC Mar. Alexander solves the Gordian Knot
2939 Society Mass Death 29BC A pestilential disease carries off the greatest part of the multitude
2942 Society Famine 24BC Famine in Syria: People eat many things that did not used to be eaten
3076 Society People 100BC Jul. 12 Gaius Julius Caesar, Birth, GJC Era
3084 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 4BC Mar. 13 Lunar eclipse, death of Herod the Great
4164 Society Mass Death 50AD Pestilence in a frightful winter prevents invasion of Armenia
4165 Society Laws and legal system 52AD Astrologers are expelled from Italy
4166 Geology Earthquake 51AD Earthquake in Apamea
4167 Society Prodigy 53BC Lightning, monsters and death of politicians portend political changes
4168 Celestial Fire in the sky 333AD Dec. 25 Heaven blazes with continuous fire on the very night after Constans is elevated to the rank of Caesar at Constantinople
4256 Society Mass sickness 599AD Marseilles and other cities are devastated by plague
4257 Geology Other 599AD Fish are killed by boiling lake water in Lake of Thun
4258 Celestial Fire in the sky 600AD Fiery balls and a great number of glowing spears in the western skies
4259 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 595AD Many signs are seen in the sky
4260 Celestial Comet 595AD Jan. 9 A comet is seen
4359 Society War 594AD In a war between Franks and Bretons many fall by the sword
4400 Celestial Other 806AD Jun. 3 A cross appears in the moon
4507 Environment Strange Sounds 358AD Aug. 23 Strange crashing wave-like sounds and noises echosed from hill-tops in Nicromedia
4508 Environment Unusual Fire 358AD Aug. 23 A fire rages for fifty days and nights
4509 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 358AD Aug. 23 Sudden heavy black clouds and intense darkness descend over Nicromedia
4510 Environment Plasma Event 305AD Thunderbolts
4511 Society War 305AD Wars and Revolts
4512 Environment Drought 305AD Drought
4513 Society Mass sickness 305AD Plagues
4514 Society Famine 305AD Famine
4515 Environment Strong Winds 358AD Aug. 23 Typhoons, whirlwinds and violent raging storms
4516 Society Sack or Destruction of City 539AD Dec. A mighty hunnic army plunders city of Cassandria and leads away one hundred and twenty thousand captives
4517 Society Famine 331AD An extremely severe famine in the east causes lootings
4518 Geology Earthquake 331AD A very severe earthquake in Salamis/Cyprus kills a considerabe number
4519 Society Massacre 600AD King Chlotar's army is massacred by Kings Theudebert and Theuderic
4520 Society Sack or Destruction of City 600AD King Theudebert's and Theuderic's army lay waste the towns and districts along the Seine
4521 Geology Earthquake 67AD (Win.) Amazing concussions and bellowings of the earth
4523 Geology Earthquake 117AD Nov. 10 Earthquake during Hadrian's reign
4524 Geology Earthquake 60AD Cities are destroyed by an earthquake during visit of a comet
4525 Environment Strong Winds 60AD Violent and continuous storms during visit of a comet
4526 Environment Plasma Event 60AD A great light at night as bright as day for half an hour
4527 Environment Animal Prodigies 60AD A heifer gives birth to a lamb
4528 Other Other 60AD A massive, heavy gate opens all by itself
4529 Celestial Falling Fire 60AD "Chariots and troops" appear amongst the clouds
4530 Geology Earthquake 60AD Priests experience an earthquake during sacred ministrations
4531 Environment Strange Sounds 60AD A great quaking and sound of a great multitude is heard
4552 Society Human Prodigies 66AD "Divine fury" makes man shout "Woe, woe to Jerusalem!"
4553 Geology Earthquake 105AD Four cities of Asia and two of Greece overthrown by an earthquake
4555 Geology Earthquake 110AD Earthquake in Galatia
4556 Geology Earthquake 113AD Jerome's Antioch earthquake
4559 Society Famine 162AD (Spr.) Famine after flood of the Tiber
4561 Society War 632AD The wendish Slavs raid Frankish kingdom and Thuringia
4562 Society Mass Death 189AD Up to two thousand die in Rome from last wave of the Antonine Plague in a single day
4593 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 125AD Apr. 5 Lunar eclipse
4594 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 133AD May 6 Lunar eclipse
4595 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 134AD Oct. 20 Lunar eclipse
4596 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 136AD Mar. 5 Lunar eclipse
4613 Society War 250AD War between Emperor Decius' Romans and the Goths around Philippopolis
4671 Archeology Epigraphic Evidence 155AD Pestilence in Yemen
4685 Environment Drought 24BC Perpetual droughts in Syria an Judea
4686 Society Mass Death 24BC Famine leads to distempers and a pestilential disease in men
4717 Society War 31BC Sep. 2 Battle of Actium
4718 Celestial Comet 563AD Oct. 1 A comet like a sword appears
4719 Celestial Fire in the sky 563AD Oct. 1 The heavens seem to burn
4764 Society War 636AD Saracens kill 150,000 of Emperor Heraclius' men
4808 Society People 642AD Flaochad struck down by fever
4902 Society Human Prodigies 390AD A dwarf and a giant and other prodigies appear at the same time as the comet of 390
4911 Environment Ice 855AD (Win.) Unusual ice-slick in Black Sea region, Bulgaria, Byzantium
4912 Environment Strong Winds 874AD Severe storm in the Black Sea during Askold's siege of Constantinople
4913 Geology Earthquake 876AD Earthquake in Byzantium, many towns destroyed
4914 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 919AD (Win.) Aurora over Kievan Rus' and Byzantium
4915 Environment Strong Winds 979AD (Sum.) Severe thunderstorms and winds in Kievan Rus'
4916 Environment Flood 991AD Severe flood and famine in Kievan Rus'
4917 Environment Drought 994AD Drought in Kievan Rus'
4918 Environment Flood 1000AD Severe flood in Kievan Rus'
4919 Geology Earthquake 1000AD Mar. 29 Severe earthquake all over the world
4920 Environment Drought 1000AD Severe drought in Western Europe
4921 Environment Drought 1001AD Drought in Western Europe
4922 Environment Drought 1008AD Drought in Kievan Rus'
4923 Environment Unusual Weather 1011AD (Win.) Harsh winter in Kievan Rus', Europe and Northern Africa
4924 Environment Flood 1012AD Severe floods in Western Europe
4936 Society Famine 874AD Famine in Constantiople
4937 Society Mass sickness 400AD A pestilence strikes as has never occurred before within the memory of man
4938 Society Famine 400AD Famine
4939 Geology Earthquake 400AD Grievous earthquakes overturning houses and entire cities from their foundations
4940 Environment Drought 400AD Fierce droughts and fiery whirlwinds descending from above
4941 Environment Flood 400AD Deluges of rain
4942 Geology Sinkhole 400AD Earth is opening up and sinkholes swallow up inhabitants
4943 Environment Hail 400AD Rock-sized hail up to eight pounds falls in many places
4945 Society Famine 994AD Famine in Kievan Rus'
4948 Society Mass Death 676AD A heavy pestilence follows the comet's appearance
4949 Environment Drought 1014AD Apr. 5 Drought in Germany
4950 Environment Unusual Weather 1020AD (Win.) Harsh winter in Western Europe
4951 Environment Drought 1022AD (Sum.) Drought in Western Europe
4952 Environment Drought 1025AD Drought in Western Europe dries up streams and springs
4953 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 817AD Feb. 5 Eclipse of the moon
4972 Celestial Sun activity 814AD A black spot is visible on the sun
4989 Celestial Comet 607AD Feb. 28 1P/Halley returns
5011 Celestial Comet 768AD (Spr.) A broom star appears in the northeast during spring
5057 Geology Earthquake 4000BC Earthquake Palestine - Jericho
5058 Geology Earthquake 3300BC Earthquake Palestine
5059 Geology Earthquake 2700BC Earthquake Palestine
5060 Geology Earthquake 2100BC Earthquake Palestine
5061 Geology Earthquake 1560BC Earthquake Palestine
5062 Geology Earthquake 1050BC Earthquake Palestine
5063 Geology Earthquake 525BC Earthquake Palestine
5064 Geology Earthquake 140BC Earthquake Palestine
5066 Geology Earthquake 33AD Earthquake Palestine
5067 Geology Earthquake 112AD Earthquake Palestine
5069 Geology Earthquake 502AD Earthquake Palestine
5071 Geology Earthquake 419AD Earthquake Palestine
5072 Geology Earthquake 749AD Earthquake Palestine
5073 Geology Earthquake 660AD Earthquake Palestine
5074 Geology Earthquake 1068AD Earthquake Palestine
5075 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5076 Geology Earthquake 1212AD Earthquake Palestine
5077 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5078 Geology Earthquake 1458AD Earthquake Palestine
5079 Geology Earthquake 1588AD Earthquake Palestine
5080 Geology Earthquake 1202AD Earthquake Palestine
5081 Geology Earthquake 991AD Earthquake Palestine
5082 Geology Earthquake 1312AD Earthquake in Palestine
5083 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 747BC Aug. 2 Lunar eclipse
5084 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 746BC Jan. 26 Lunar Eclipse
5085 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 746BC Jul. 22 Lunar eclipse
5086 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 719BC Sep. 1 Lunar eclipse
5087 Society People 776BC Retrospective calculation of the First Olympiad used for dating purposes
5089 Society Politics 727BC Babylon rebels against Assyria
5090 Society Politics 745BC Tiglath-Pileser III siezes Assyrian throne
5091 Society Sack or Destruction of City 722BC Deportation of Israelites - Shalmaneser V, Sargon II
5092 Society Sack or Destruction of City 732BC Deportation of Israelites Tiglath-Pileser III
5093 Celestial Solar Eclipse 780BC Jun. 4 Solar eclipse observed in China
5094 Society Politics 739BC Hiram II becomes King of Tyre
5095 Society Mass Migration 734BC Syracuse Sicily founded
5096 Society Mass Migration 734BC Naxus, Sicily founded
5114 Society War 722BC Sargon II usurps throne - 17 years of war and mass death
5124 Society Mass Migration 706BC Spartans found Tarentum
5126 Society Politics 700BC End of Villanovan, rise of Etruscan in Italy
5127 Archeology Volcanic Eruption Evidence 1650BC Eruption of Thera, Collapse of Bronze Age Mediterranean civilization, Volcanic Winter around the World
5151 Archeology Climate Evidence 2300BC Abrupt Climate Change Syria and Palestine
5152 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 2300BC Earthquake Site destruction and abandonment in Palestine/Syria
5153 Archeology Climate Evidence 2300BC Adverse Climate Changes Mesopotamia/Iran