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5079 Geology Earthquake 1588AD Earthquake Palestine
5078 Geology Earthquake 1458AD Earthquake Palestine
5082 Geology Earthquake 1312AD Earthquake in Palestine
5075 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5077 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5076 Geology Earthquake 1212AD Earthquake Palestine
5080 Geology Earthquake 1202AD Earthquake Palestine
5074 Geology Earthquake 1068AD Earthquake Palestine
4952 Environment Drought 1025AD Drought in Western Europe dries up streams and springs
4951 Environment Drought 1022AD (Sum.) Drought in Western Europe
4950 Environment Unusual Weather 1020AD (Win.) Harsh winter in Western Europe
4949 Environment Drought 1014AD Apr. 5 Drought in Germany
4924 Environment Flood 1012AD Severe floods in Western Europe
4923 Environment Unusual Weather 1011AD (Win.) Harsh winter in Kievan Rus', Europe and Northern Africa
4922 Environment Drought 1008AD Drought in Kievan Rus'
4921 Environment Drought 1001AD Drought in Western Europe
4919 Geology Earthquake 1000AD Mar. 29 Severe earthquake all over the world
4918 Environment Flood 1000AD Severe flood in Kievan Rus'
4920 Environment Drought 1000AD Severe drought in Western Europe
503 Celestial Comet 995AD Aug. A comet appears - Halleys?
4917 Environment Drought 994AD Drought in Kievan Rus'
4945 Society Famine 994AD Famine in Kievan Rus'
4916 Environment Flood 991AD Severe flood and famine in Kievan Rus'
5081 Geology Earthquake 991AD Earthquake Palestine
501 Society Mass Death 986AD Cattle and human pestilence
436 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 979AD A blood-red object is seen in the sky with rays of various colors
4915 Environment Strong Winds 979AD (Sum.) Severe thunderstorms and winds in Kievan Rus'
498 Society Famine 976AD Famine in England
497 Society Mass Death 962AD Great Mortality/Fever in 962
437 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 926AD Fiery Lights in Northern Sky
4914 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 919AD (Win.) Aurora over Kievan Rus' and Byzantium
496 Celestial Comet 905AD Oct. 20 A comet appears
494 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 904AD Lunar Eclipse
493 Celestial Comet 892AD Apr. 25 Hairy Star appears
492 Celestial Solar Eclipse 879AD Solar Eclipse
4913 Geology Earthquake 876AD Earthquake in Byzantium, many towns destroyed
4912 Environment Strong Winds 874AD Severe storm in the Black Sea during Askold's siege of Constantinople
4936 Society Famine 874AD Famine in Constantiople
4911 Environment Ice 855AD (Win.) Unusual ice-slick in Black Sea region, Bulgaria, Byzantium
1653 Celestial Comet 817AD Feb. 5 A comet resembling a sword is seen
4953 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 817AD Feb. 5 Eclipse of the moon
71 Celestial Solar Eclipse 814AD Solar eclipses are frequent during the last years before Charlemagne's death
610 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 814AD Lunar eclipses are frequent during the last years before Charlemagne's death
611 Geology Earthquake 814AD The palace at Aix-la-Chapelle frequently trembles
612 Environment Unusual Weather 814AD A severe storm occurs at Aix-la-Chapelle palace and basilica
4972 Celestial Sun activity 814AD A black spot is visible on the sun
430 Celestial Solar Eclipse 809AD Jul. 16 Solar Eclipse
427 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 806AD Sep. 2 Lunar Eclipse
429 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 806AD Aug. 30 Circle around the Sun
4400 Celestial Other 806AD Jun. 3 A cross appears in the moon
426 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 802AD Dec. 19 Lunar Eclipse at Dawn
424 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 795AD Mar. 28 Lunar Eclipse
5011 Celestial Comet 768AD (Spr.) A broom star appears in the northeast during spring
5072 Geology Earthquake 749AD Earthquake Palestine
2285 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 740AD Signs in the sun and the moon and in the stars appear before the death of Charles Martel
416 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 734AD Jan. 22 Lunar Eclipse
490 Celestial Solar Eclipse 733AD Aug. 14 Annular solar eclipse
70 Society War 732AD Oct. Saracens fight two battles near Poitiers and River Berre against Charles Martel during their conquest of Gaul
488 Celestial Comet 729AD Jan. Two comets appear for 14 days to the great terror of the beholders
1759 Celestial Comet 684AD Sep. 6 Comet blamed for months of heavy rain, lightning, and deaths of many people and animals
138 Celestial Fire in the sky 679AD Fire from Heaven burned Coldingham, Scotland
137 Celestial Comet 676AD Aug. 15 A comet with a "pillar of radiant flame" visible for three months
4948 Society Mass Death 676AD A heavy pestilence follows the comet's appearance
1550 Celestial Solar Eclipse 664AD May 3 Solar Eclipse of 664
5073 Geology Earthquake 660AD Earthquake Palestine
2365 Environment Unusual Fire 642AD Chalon is burnt to the ground
4808 Society People 642AD Flaochad struck down by fever
2276 Celestial Wrath of God 636AD Aug. 15 Before the Battle of Yarmouk, 52.000 in the army of Heraclius die "by the sword of God"
4764 Society War 636AD Saracens kill 150,000 of Emperor Heraclius' men
2320 Society War 635AD Gascons rebell against the Franks
4561 Society War 632AD The wendish Slavs raid Frankish kingdom and Thuringia
2284 Society War 631AD Wends lay waste Francia and Thuringia - Saxons cease to pay tribute
2277 Society Sack or Destruction of City 630AD Many Northern Italian cities are destroyed and razed
2278 Society Mass Death 630AD Bulgars are chased out of Pannonia and killed by Bavarians
2274 Society People 628AD Dagobert I is praised for his prosperous rule of Austrasia
1880 Society Slave Rebellion 623AD The wendish Slavs revolt against the Huns
1704 Celestial Comet 607AD Oct. 21 A comet appears - Halleys?
4989 Celestial Comet 607AD Feb. 28 1P/Halley returns
2086 Celestial Solar Eclipse 603AD Aug. 12 A solar eclipse is observed when Bertoald was mayor of the palace to Theuderic
4258 Celestial Fire in the sky 600AD Fiery balls and a great number of glowing spears in the western skies
4519 Society Massacre 600AD King Chlotar's army is massacred by Kings Theudebert and Theuderic
4520 Society Sack or Destruction of City 600AD King Theudebert's and Theuderic's army lay waste the towns and districts along the Seine
4256 Society Mass sickness 599AD Marseilles and other cities are devastated by plague
4257 Geology Other 599AD Fish are killed by boiling lake water in Lake of Thun
4260 Celestial Comet 595AD Jan. 9 A comet is seen
4259 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 595AD Many signs are seen in the sky
4359 Society War 594AD In a war between Franks and Bretons many fall by the sword
2082 Society War 593AD Invasion of the kingdom of Chlotar with great losses
2081 Celestial Solar Eclipse 592AD Mar. 19 A solar eclipse is observed from dawn to midday
2080 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 590AD A lunar eclipse is observed in Burgundy
2079 Society People 588AD Arian Goths are forced to be baptized and Arian books are burnt
2077 Environment Flood 586AD Deluges flood Burgundy
2078 Celestial Falling Fire 586AD A fiery globe falls from the sky
2076 Society Mass sickness 585AD An army is defeated by sickness
1230 Celestial Comet 582AD Jan. 15 A bright comet is seen with a long tail like smoke
1220 Celestial Solar Eclipse 563AD Oct. 3 A solar eclipse with the sun discolored as sackcloth
4718 Celestial Comet 563AD Oct. 1 A comet like a sword appears
4719 Celestial Fire in the sky 563AD Oct. 1 The heavens seem to burn
2892 Geology Landslide 563AD A landslide causing a tsunami, 8 meters high, wipes out the old city of Geneva
329 Society Sack or Destruction of City 546AD Dec. 17 Sack of Rome by Totila
404 Celestial Solar Eclipse 540AD Jun. 20 Solar Eclipse
725 Celestial Comet 539AD Dec. A comet with goodly length and very sharp at the point appears
4516 Society Sack or Destruction of City 539AD Dec. A mighty hunnic army plunders city of Cassandria and leads away one hundred and twenty thousand captives
406 Celestial Solar Eclipse 538AD Feb. 15 Solar eclipse
118 Society People 532AD Jan. An insurrection breaks out unexpectedly in Byzantinum. Procopius describes a "disease of the soul" amongst people of "factions".
335 Environment Flood 525AD Apr. 22 People drown in the great and sudden flood at Edessa
173 Society Sack or Destruction of City 502AD Siege of Amida, at least 85,000 killed
5069 Geology Earthquake 502AD Earthquake Palestine
1845 Society Sack or Destruction of City 452AD The scourge of God and leader of the Huns Attila destroys many cities in Italy
5071 Geology Earthquake 419AD Earthquake Palestine
108 Society Famine 412AD Rome falls by intense famine
94 Society Sack or Destruction of City 410AD Aug. 24 Sack of Rome
722 Celestial Comet 400AD Mar. 19 A comet of extraordinary magnitude
4937 Society Mass sickness 400AD A pestilence strikes as has never occurred before within the memory of man
4938 Society Famine 400AD Famine
4939 Geology Earthquake 400AD Grievous earthquakes overturning houses and entire cities from their foundations
4940 Environment Drought 400AD Fierce droughts and fiery whirlwinds descending from above
4941 Environment Flood 400AD Deluges of rain
4942 Geology Sinkhole 400AD Earth is opening up and sinkholes swallow up inhabitants
4943 Environment Hail 400AD Rock-sized hail up to eight pounds falls in many places
5614 Society Laws and legal system 394AD College of the Vestals was disbanded and the sacred fire extinguished
642 Celestial Comet 390AD Aug. 22 A Comet appears
4902 Society Human Prodigies 390AD A dwarf and a giant and other prodigies appear at the same time as the comet of 390
505 Environment Plasma Event 375AD Nov. 19 A thunderbolt strikes Sirmium
506 Geology Earthquake 375AD Nov. 19 Many cities in Greece severely shaken by an earthquake
1560 Environment Animal Prodigies 367AD A donkey mounts the tribunal
639 Celestial Comet 363AD Aug. 26 A sparkling star comet is seen in Virgo, and thought to presage the death of the Roman emperor Jovian
615 Celestial Comet 363AD Aug. Comets are seen during the day, other bad omens
550 Environment Plasma Event 363AD Apr. 7 Soldier and two horses killed by lightning
285 Geology Earthquake 362AD Dec. 2 Nicomedia and Nicaea destroyed by an Earthquake
614 Celestial Solar Eclipse 360AD Aug. 28 Annular Solar Eclipse of 360
1420 Society Human Prodigies 359AD Birth of two-headed infant
4507 Environment Strange Sounds 358AD Aug. 23 Strange crashing wave-like sounds and noises echosed from hill-tops in Nicromedia
4508 Environment Unusual Fire 358AD Aug. 23 A fire rages for fifty days and nights
4509 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 358AD Aug. 23 Sudden heavy black clouds and intense darkness descend over Nicromedia
4515 Environment Strong Winds 358AD Aug. 23 Typhoons, whirlwinds and violent raging storms
620 Geology Earthquake 358AD (Sum.) Terrible earthquakes take place in Macedonia, Asia Minor, and Pontus, overthrowing mountains
105 Geology Earthquake 348AD Earthquake in Beirut
102 Celestial Solar Eclipse 347AD Solar eclipse
880 Celestial Solar Eclipse 346AD Solar eclipse
98 Geology Earthquake 344AD Earthquake in Neocaesarea
634 Celestial Comet 336AD Feb. 16 Comet of unusual size seen across the world
90 Geology Earthquake 335AD Earthquake in Cyprus, many places collaps
4168 Celestial Fire in the sky 333AD Dec. 25 Heaven blazes with continuous fire on the very night after Constans is elevated to the rank of Caesar at Constantinople
2149 Society Mass Death 333AD An innumerable multitude perish from pestilence and famine in Syria and Cilicia
4517 Society Famine 331AD An extremely severe famine in the east causes lootings
4518 Geology Earthquake 331AD A very severe earthquake in Salamis/Cyprus kills a considerabe number
2383 Celestial Solar Eclipse 318AD Solar eclipse
312 Celestial Tunguska-like event 312AD Did a meteor over central Italy in AD 312 change the course of Roman and Christian history?
2304 Society Mass Death 312AD Innumberable deaths by famine and plague
4510 Environment Plasma Event 305AD Thunderbolts
4511 Society War 305AD Wars and Revolts
4512 Environment Drought 305AD Drought
4513 Society Mass sickness 305AD Plagues
4514 Society Famine 305AD Famine
504 Society Mass Death 270AD Aug. A plague causes widespread death
121 Society Mass Death 259AD Plague of Cyprian
4613 Society War 250AD War between Emperor Decius' Romans and the Goths around Philippopolis
4562 Society Mass Death 189AD Up to two thousand die in Rome from last wave of the Antonine Plague in a single day
2265 Environment Unusual Fire 188AD Lightning destroyed the Capitol
2262 Geology Earthquake 178AD Smyrna is destroyed by an earthquake
2254 Environment Flood 162AD (Spr.) Flood of the Tiber
4559 Society Famine 162AD (Spr.) Famine after flood of the Tiber
4671 Archeology Epigraphic Evidence 155AD Pestilence in Yemen
4596 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 136AD Mar. 5 Lunar eclipse
4595 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 134AD Oct. 20 Lunar eclipse
4594 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 133AD May 6 Lunar eclipse
2329 Celestial Comet 130AD Star of Antinous
2200 Geology Earthquake 128AD Nicopolis and Caesarea are ruined by an earthquake
4593 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 125AD Apr. 5 Lunar eclipse
4523 Geology Earthquake 117AD Nov. 10 Earthquake during Hadrian's reign
4556 Geology Earthquake 113AD Jerome's Antioch earthquake
5067 Geology Earthquake 112AD Earthquake Palestine
2260 Environment Unusual Fire 110AD The Pantheon is set on fire by lightning
4555 Geology Earthquake 110AD Earthquake in Galatia
4553 Geology Earthquake 105AD Four cities of Asia and two of Greece overthrown by an earthquake
253 Celestial Comet 79AD Mar. 22 Vespasian's comet
1483 Society Massacre 68AD (Spr.) Merciless terror excerted by the Zealots: "He who survived called them that were already dead happy"
1471 Environment Strong Winds 67AD Oct. 23 A "divine storm" with strong wind is unleashed during the Siege of Gamala
1482 Environment Strong Winds 67AD (Win.) Storm with violent winds, rain and lightning during the siege of the Zealot Temple
4521 Geology Earthquake 67AD (Win.) Amazing concussions and bellowings of the earth
4552 Society Human Prodigies 66AD "Divine fury" makes man shout "Woe, woe to Jerusalem!"
1406 Celestial Comet 60AD A comet runs across half the sky for six months
1710 Celestial Comet 60AD A comet is seen for an entire year
4524 Geology Earthquake 60AD Cities are destroyed by an earthquake during visit of a comet
4525 Environment Strong Winds 60AD Violent and continuous storms during visit of a comet
4526 Environment Plasma Event 60AD A great light at night as bright as day for half an hour
4527 Environment Animal Prodigies 60AD A heifer gives birth to a lamb
4528 Other Other 60AD A massive, heavy gate opens all by itself
4529 Celestial Falling Fire 60AD "Chariots and troops" appear amongst the clouds
4530 Geology Earthquake 60AD Priests experience an earthquake during sacred ministrations
4531 Environment Strange Sounds 60AD A great quaking and sound of a great multitude is heard
4165 Society Laws and legal system 52AD Astrologers are expelled from Italy
4166 Geology Earthquake 51AD Earthquake in Apamea
4164 Society Mass Death 50AD Pestilence in a frightful winter prevents invasion of Armenia
5066 Geology Earthquake 33AD Earthquake Palestine
2233 Geology Earthquake 19AD An earthquake killed more than 100,000 people
5665 Society Politics 14AD Aug. 19 Death of Augustus
3084 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 4BC Mar. 13 Lunar eclipse, death of Herod the Great
1881 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 5BC An earthquake destroys old Nisa and the settlements east of Bagir
5663 Society Politics 13BC Death of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, supporter of Caesar, triumvir with Antony and Octavian
2942 Society Famine 24BC Famine in Syria: People eat many things that did not used to be eaten
4685 Environment Drought 24BC Perpetual droughts in Syria an Judea
4686 Society Mass Death 24BC Famine leads to distempers and a pestilential disease in men
2939 Society Mass Death 29BC A pestilential disease carries off the greatest part of the multitude
5666 Society Politics 30BC Aug. 12 Death of Cleopatra VII Philopator, Queen of Egypt, mistress/wife of Marcus Antonius
5523 Society Politics 30BC Aug. 1 Death of Marcus Antonius, supporter of Julius Caesar
4717 Society War 31BC Sep. 2 Battle of Actium
2925 Geology Earthquake 31BC Sep. Earthquake kills ten to thirty thousand men and brings destruction upon cattle
5598 Society Politics 35BC Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius: executed without trial by order of Antony via Marcus Titius
5602 Society Politics 39BC Death of Quintus Labienus: traitor to Caesar and to Rome
5608 Society War 40BC Publius Ventidius Bassus; protege of Caesar; defeated Quintus Labienus and the Parthians
5709 Society Politics 40BC Gaius Asinius Pollio, consul 40 BC; friend of Caesar and Antony; historian, literary patron
5545 Society Politics 42BC Oct. 23 Suicide death of Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger, leading assassin of Julius Caesar
5569 Society Politics 42BC Oct. 3 Death of Gaius Cassius Longinus: leader of the assassination plot against Julius Caesar
5568 Society Politics 42BC Servilius Casca, one of Caesar's assassins
5706 Society Politics 43BC Servius Sulpicius Galba, friend, legate and assassin of Julius Caesar; condemned by Pedian law
5708 Society Politics 43BC Lucius Cornelius Balbus minor; served under Julius Caesar; 43 BC quaestor to Asinius Pollio
5687 Society Assassination 44BC Mar. 13 Assassination of Julius Caesar, the archetypal model of the passion of Jesus Christ
5596 Society Politics 45BC Apr. 12 Death of Gnaeus Pompeius the younger; executed by Lucius Caesennius Lento for treason
5607 Society War 45BC Mar. 17 Battle of Munda; Caesar fights for his life among the ranks
5566 Society Politics 45BC Porcia Catonis, daughter of Cato the Younger, marries Brutus the assassin
5586 Society People 45BC Claudia Pulchra Major, first wife of Brutus, divorced by him to marry Porcia Catonis
5711 Society Politics 45BC Caecilia Metella wife of Publius Cornelius Lentulus Spinther; affair with Publius Cornelius Dolabella; divorce scandal
5556 Society Politics 46BC Apr. Death of Cato the Younger, sworn enemy of Caesar
5588 Society War 46BC Feb. 7 Battle of Thapsus: Caesar vs Optimates/Metellus Scipio
5601 Society Politics 47BC Terentia, wife of Cicero, divorces him possibly because she was a supporter of Caesar
5517 Society Assassination 48BC Sep. 29 Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus murdered by servants of Ptolemy XIII
1472 Society War 48BC Aug. 9 Battle of Pharsalus; Julius Caesar defeats Pompeius Magnus
1473 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 48BC Aug. 9 Fiery torch, thunderbolt, seen over Caesar's camp, falls on Pompey's camp
1474 Environment Plant Prodigies 48BC Aug. 9 Palm tree shoots up at the base of Caesar's statue in Tralles
1475 Environment Animal Prodigies 48BC Aug. 9 Bees swarming military standards in the camp of Pompey; sacrificial victims ran away
5600 Society Politics 48BC Death of Marcus Caelius Rufus in rebellion against Caesar
5606 Society War 48BC Battle of Ruspina: Caesar vs. Titus Labienus, the traitor
5702 Society War 48BC Death of Milo, murderer of Clodius; at Compsa Castle, site of prodigies the previous years
5732 Environment Unusual Sounds 48BC Pergamum: noise of drums and cymbals spread throughout the city
213 Celestial Comet 49BC Apr. 14 Guest Star, Bushy star, Cassiopeia; observed in China
1280 Celestial Comet 49BC A terrifying star during the war between Pompey and Caesar
1312 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 49BC Many towers destroyed by thunderbolts in Italy during civil war
1463 Environment Plasma Event 49BC Thunderbolts over Dyrrachium and Rome
1464 Environment Animal Prodigies 49BC Sighting of wolves and owls in Rome, animals bring forth creatures outside of their own species
1465 Geology Earthquake 49BC "Bellowing" earthquakes in Rome
1466 Celestial Meteor 49BC Meteor fire on and over Rome
1467 Celestial Solar Eclipse 49BC Solar eclipse in Rome
5522 Society War 49BC Gaius Scribonius Curio defeated by Juba, along with aid from Attius Varus, at the Second Battle of the Bagradas River
5565 Society Politics 49BC Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Cornelianus Scipio Nasica: 'personally despicable... politically reactionary'; triggered war with Caesar
5599 Society Politics 49BC Titus Labienus, traitor to Caesar
5667 Society Politics 49BC Death of Curio, supporter of Caesar, husband of Fulvia
5668 Society Politics 49BC Gaius Claudius Marcellus Maior, consul 49 BC, opponent of Caesar; started civil war; fled Rome with Pompeius
5669 Society Politics 49BC Lucius Cornelius Lentulus Crus, consul 49 BC, triggered civil war; fled Rome
1316 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 50BC It rained wool in the vicinity of Compsa Castle; rained bricks
5680 Society Politics 50BC Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paullus (consul 50 BC); destroyed the temples of Isis and Serapis by Senate decree
5703 Society Politics 50BC Gaius Claudius Marcellus Minor, consul 50 BC, opposed Caesar; was later pardoned
5733 Society Politics 50BC (Spr.) Cicero deals with Brutus' financial scandal: extorting Cypriot communities
5704 Society Politics 51BC Marcus Claudius Marcellus, consul 51 BC, optimate; urged extreme measures against Caesar; had a senator of Comum scourged
5705 Society Politics 51BC Servius Sulpicius Rufus, consul 51 BC; opposed Caesar, later honored by Caesar
5681 Society War 52BC Sep. Vercingetorix defeated at the battle of Alesia
5529 Society Assassination 52BC Jan. 18 Titus Annius Milo Papianus murders Clodius triggering anarchy in Rome
675 Society Prodigy 52BC Portents follow the decree of the Senate to tear down temples of Serapis and Isis
676 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 52BC Many clods, stones, shards and blood went flying through the air
677 Environment Plasma Event 52BC Many thunderbolts in Rome
697 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 52BC A meteor from south to east
5521 Society Assassination 52BC Assassination of Popularist Publius Clodius Pulcher by Milo; mob violence overtakes Rome; Pompey takes charge
5531 Society Politics 52BC Fulvia: first Roman non-mythological woman to appear on Roman coins; appears in records at death of Clodius, her 1st husband
5691 Society War 52BC (Spr.) Battle of Gergovia: Julius Caesar vs Vercingetorix; the Gauls won
1315 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 53BC It rained iron the shape of sponges in Lucania
1449 Society Prodigy 53BC Some statues sweated, some struck by lightning in Rome
1452 Society Prodigy 53BC Portents afflict Crassus and his army while crossing the Euphrates
1453 Environment Unusual Weather 53BC Fog, lightning, violent winds afflict Crassus' army in Mesopotamia
4167 Society Prodigy 53BC Lightning, monsters and death of politicians portend political changes
5544 Society War 53BC Marcus Licinius Crassus: wealthiest man in Roman history; patron of Julius Caesar; defeated and killed by Parthians
1446 Environment Flood 54BC Tiber floods for many days; many people and animals killed, many buildings destroyed in Rome
1447 Environment Animal Prodigies 54BC Portents in Rome: owls, dogs, wolves
669 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 56BC A blaze of light from south to north; fireball
670 Environment Animal Prodigies 56BC A wolf entered Rome
672 Environment Plasma Event 56BC Romans killed by thunderbolts
673 Environment Unusual Sounds 56BC A "subterranean tumult" heard in association with earthquake and fireball activity
718 Geology Earthquake 56BC Temple of Juno turns from east to north in association with earthquake
5683 Society Politics 57BC Aulus Gabinius, (consul 58 BC) proconsul of Syria (57 BC); supporter of both Pompey and Caesar
5692 Society Politics 58BC Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, consul 58 BC, father-in-law of Julius Caesar
5562 Society Laws and legal system 59BC Gaius Antonius Hybrida (the monster) co-consul with Cicero; prosecuted and exiled for taking part in the Catilinarian conspiracy
5567 Society Politics 59BC Calpurnia Piso, marries Julius Caesar
5597 Society Politics 59BC Clodia Metelli Quadrantaria; sister of Publius Clodius Pulcher, enemy of Cicero; suspected of poisoning her husband, Metellus Celer
5713 Society Politics 60BC Lucius Afranius, consul 60 BC
5710 Society Politics 60BC Quintus Metellus Celer, consul 60 BC; Gaius Asinius Pollio, dated the start of the Civil Wars to this year
212 Celestial Comet 61BC Jul. 24 Bushy Star, sparkling star, eastern quarter; observed in China
5524 Society War 62BC Jan. Lucius Sergius Catilina killed at the Battle of Pistoria
5662 Society Politics 63BC Dec. 29 Cicero gives up his consulship, jeered by the crowd.
5661 Society Politics 63BC Dec. 10 Cicero denounced as a tyrant for the Catilinarian affair, posts a bill for subsidized grain distribution to regain popularity
5660 Society Politics 63BC Dec. 5 Cicero's Bona Dea miracle/conspiracy Fourth Catilinarian Oration; Caesar and Cato speak; executions
5712 Society Politics 63BC Dec. 5 Publius Cornelius Lentulus Sura: executed by Cicero as a "Catilinarian Conspirator"
5659 Society Politics 63BC Dec. 3 Catilinarian 'conspirators' arrested; Cicero cannot conceal his glee
5658 Society Politics 63BC Nov. 9 Second Catilinarian oration by Cicero
5657 Society Politics 63BC Nov. 8 First Catilinarian oration by Cicero: a study in propaganda and intimidation
5656 Society Politics 63BC Oct. 27 The conspiracy of Catiline fails to materialize; Cicero's credibility collapses; threatened with a court of inquiry
5664 Society People 63BC Sep. 23 Birth of Gaius Octavius, future 1st emperor of Rome; Imperātor Caesar Dīvī Fīlius Augustus
5651 Society Politics 63BC Jun. Death of Metellus Pius, Caesar elected Pontifex Maximus
5604 Society Laws and legal system 63BC Mar. The trial of Gaius Rabirius (senator): involved in the death of Lucius Appuleius Saturninus
5652 Society Politics 63BC Feb. Cicero rejects Caesar's Land Reform/support for Veterans bill
5525 Society Politics 63BC Jan. Marcus Tullius Cicero takes up his consulship